Committee Jottings November 2014

LegoClubThe Old Town Association committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month. At the November 2014 meeting, as usual, we looked at new planning applications in the Old Town. There were six applications this month, most of them uncontroversial. But the Association will object to an application for an internally illuminated fascia sign and other advertising material at the Pizza Express on the corner of George IV Bridge and Victoria Terrace. Other 'heritage' cities, like York, manage to get companies such as Pizza Express – even McDonald's – to use signage that is in keeping with the surroundings. Why not Edinburgh?

And still on the subject of restaurants on George IV Bridge, the Committee noted that permission has been granted for a new one in the former children's/music library building. The council officers' report on the application said that George IV Bridge is not "an area where there is to be considered an excessive concentration of such uses". Looking at how many restaurants and food outlets there are along this street one wonders when a concentration does become excessive!

At the end of October several members of the committee were at the Central Library for the official handing over of Lego sets funded by the Brownlee Old Town Trust. The idea is that holding Lego sessions in the new Children's Library will encourage young children (particularly boys) to come to the library. From what our committee members saw, the idea works.

Finally, for some time our Convener Barbara Logue has being trying to find out why post boxes along the High Street were sealed up not just during the festival but for some time after. The response from the responsible Post Office staff (in Plymouth!) was that it was done at the request of the Police. But now the Police have told Barbara this is not so. Barbara is still on the case, so watch this space.