Committee Jottings March 2015

This month there was only one new planning application discussed and the committee did not feel it required comment.

We noted at last month’s meeting that plans for closure of the lower High Street to all vehicles except public buses were to be advertised and agreed to seek to engage with the City of Edinburgh Council on this issue, making the point that there is a balance to be struck between reducing congestion and allowing a reasonable flow of traffic, particularly east-west. The proposals for the lower High Street are part of the Council’s wider Royal Mile Action Plan. At this month’s meeting one of the Council officials responsible for implementing the Plan briefed us on progress in implementing it. There is much in the Plan which the Committee feels deserves support but we explained our reservations about the proposals for the lower High Street. We will continue to engage with the Council on this issue and on the Royal Mile Project more generally. Click for more information about the Royal Mile Action Plan.